Our Community Focus

At Sharkskin, we're proud to be an active part of our local community. That's why we've supported a number of community groups, fundraising groups and spokespersons 



Sharkskin proudly sponsored local surf coast team, Strait Yakers, in their preparation to paddle across Bass Strait for charity. With all proceeds going towards two fantastic organisations – Rare Cancers Australia and Wheels in Motion, we can't wait to see how these guys go in enduring this important challenge. 





Andrew Hill, Sea-Doo and Sharkskin ambassador, has been fishing from his personal watercraft from his home in New Zealand since 2007. He has worked closely with the Sea-Doo Product Development Team to create the worlds first watercraft designed exclusively for sports fishing and is one of the foremost experts in the field of Jet Ski Fishing globally. Andrew has been wearing SHARKSKIN Technical Watersports apparel to protect him from the elements for many years – take a look at this great photo in action. 


SHARKSKIN is proud to sponsor the Surf Lifesaving NSW 2020 Super Team Series – a new event concept that features six teams competing across Swim, Ski, Board, Sprint, Flags, 2km Run and Relay racing over three rounds. Round one kicked off on Saturday the 17th October 2020 at Swansea-Belmont SLSC.



Dougal Allan is hoping to defend his Coast to Coast title this weekend and make it 2 in a row in the iconic Multisport race in the South Island, NZ. Dougal uses Sharkskin to train, compete and recover in. He says, "I have worn my Sharkskin Rapid Dry Long Sleeve all summer and it still feels new. I especially love it for the sun protection and the loose, free fit. I have never felt hot or cold in it - it regulates temperature very well. The [Performance Wear Lite Shorts] are by far the most comfortable paddle shorts I have ever used. The seamless, thin, 4-way stretch neoprene design make it very comfortable for long and/or intense sessions with prolonged pressure between my hips and kayak seat." (05/05/20)

BOB STADDEN: “I’m a C6 incomplete quadriplegic and have been diving for over 30 years”

 Bob Staddon is a long-term mate of SHARKSKIN and member of our product test team. These were Bob’s comments on SHARKSKIN.
“I’m a C6 incomplete quadriplegic and have been diving for over 30 years, logging over 1300 dives in that time.
One of the great challenges diving as a quadriplegic is regulating your body temperature. Using SHARKSKIN under my wetsuit has enabled me to stay a lot warmer without adding extra weight as SHARKSKIN Chillproof is neutrally buoyant.
I was therefore excited to check out the new SHARKSKIN Titanium range as it is considerably warmer than Chillproof. It helps maintain body temperature both before, during and most importantly after the dive. Usually it takes days for my core temperature to return to normal but with Chillproof Titanium my core temperature returned to normal soon after the dive which I found amazing.
For someone with a spinal cord injury SHARKSKIN Titanium is an absolute game changer and one of most incredible products I’ve used in my diving career. " 
Bob is a truly inspirational person. He is an incredible diver regularly doing high speed drifts down the Swansea Channel. He also has a heart of gold, championing diving for the disabled in Australia and having run a local organised drift dive for charity for many years.



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