Better Than a Wetsuit

SHARKSKIN literally reinvented the wetsuit with Chillproof, a technical breathable fabric that insulates underwater and provides 100% wind proof membrane that stops windchill; a far superior alternative to a traditional neoprene rubber garment.
SHARKSKIN Chillproof is ideal for all watersports and can be worn in place of a traditional neoprene wetsuit or underneath a wetsuit for additional thermal protection. 
A traditional wetsuit is made from neoprene rubber and cannot breathe so when you are working hard on the surface, wet or dry, you will quickly overheat.
SHARKSKIN’s proprietary fabric is breathable and regulates body heat.
Underwater, SHARKSKIN’s hollow fibre fleece traps water and heat emitted from your body to produce warmth and insulation equivalent to 3mm neoprene. SHARKSKIN Titanium Chillproof provides even great protection from the cold with equivalent thermal protection to 5.0mm neoprene but a lot more flexible, easier to don and much more comfortable to wear.  

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