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      Experience the Pinnacle of Footwear Protection with Sharkskin’s Exclusive Footwear Collection

      Dive deep into the realm of aquatic adventures with Sharkskin's unmatched range of footwear. Breaking away from conventional designs, we've set new paradigms and integrated state-of-the-art materials to ensure an unparalleled experience both above and beneath the water's surface.

      Our collection, spanning from the Everwear water shoe to the T2 Chillproof socks, is more than just a range of aquatic footwear. These are innovative solutions that masterfully blend comfort, protection, and performance. Whether you're scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply enjoying a beach day, our footwear guarantees superior foot protection, sidestepping the limitations of traditional water shoes.

      Introducing the Everwear Water Shoe:
      For those who find thrill in beach adventures, rocky explorations, SUP boarding, kayaking, or even a day of fishing, the Everwear water shoe is your perfect companion. Not only do these shoes boast a stylish design, but they're also crafted to be worn everywhere. They offer robust protection against sharp objects, rocks, shells, and more. The added traction ensures you tread with confidence and safety, even on slippery terrains. Designed to let your feet breathe and to drain water efficiently, the Everwear shoes prevent the discomfort of water-logged and wrinkled feet, making your aquatic adventures all the more enjoyable. Use it as a beach walker, adventure shoe, water walker, reef shoe or reef bootie - The possibilities are endless!

      In our socks, the innovation lies in the revolutionary 3-layer Chillproof material. Being non-compressible and neutrally buoyant, Chillproof provides the warmth of a 2.5-3mm neoprene wetsuit, eliminating the need for additional weights. This adaptable fabric excels in tropical and warmer waters on its own and can be complemented with other Sharkskin gear in colder waters, ensuring enhanced protection against wind chill and cold.

      For the aficionados seeking superior warmth, our Titanium T2 Chillproof series is the answer. Infused with titanium nano-technology, it offers insulation akin to a 4-5mm traditional wetsuit. By harnessing the power of Far Infrared (FIR) energy, it not only elevates warmth but also brings added benefits for health, performance, and recovery.

      Our Performance Footwear range is a testament to Sharkskin's commitment to innovation, striking the ideal balance between warmth, comfort, breathability, and peak performance.

      Choosing Sharkskin goes beyond a mere footwear selection. It's a commitment to the innovation in aquatic footwear, sculpted with groundbreaking material science, contemporary design, and an unwavering focus on quality.


      • Key Features: Constructed using our innovative Sharkskin materials.
      • Diverse Styles: From the adaptable Everwear water shoe to the intensely warm T2 Chillproof socks.
      • State-of-the-Art Fabric Technologies: Showcasing the pioneering Chillproof material, Titanium T2 Chillproof materials and Performance Footwear series that harness the power of heat-generating Liquid Titanium.

      Embark on the next chapter of aquatic footwear with Sharkskin. Explore our collection today and feel the unmatched distinction yourself.